Latitude 33 is committed to the relentless pursuit of unparalleled craft and sharing it with beer-seekers around the world. We are humble, adventurous craftsmen, unafraid to fuse math, science and artistry. Our team creates exceptional beers that offer you a true north in the sea of competition. At the heart of our craft is our determination to deliver you an honest, delicious beer without any of the pretense. We welcome you to join us, as we inspire beer-goers to explore the depths of their senses.

  • Hannah Griffin
    Hannah Griffin Lead Server
  • Domenica Shaw
    Domenica Shaw Beer Tender
  • Brianna Hoffman
    Brianna Hoffman Beer Tender
  • Sophia Johnson
    Sophia Johnson Beer Tender
  • Sean Davis
    Sean Davis Beer Tender
  • Junior Rodriguez
    Junior Rodriguez Warehouse Supervisor
  • Daniel Varela
    Daniel Varela Facility Superintendent
  • Adam Vickers
    Adam Vickers Brewer / Director of Education
  • Trevor Watkins
    Trevor Watkins Brewer / Lab Tech
  • Richard Rossi
    Richard Rossi Brewer
  • Cameron Moffett
    Cameron Moffett Brewer
  • Nick Scandurro
    Nick Scandurro Cellarman
  • Michael Holley
    Michael Holley Cellarman
  • Taylor Allen
    Taylor Allen Regional Sales Manager
  • Steve Prior
    Steve Prior Regional Sales Manager
  • Steph Boydston
    Steph Boydston Sales Manager
  • Keegan Noble
    Keegan Noble Brand Ambassador
  • Kyle Lemucchi
    Kyle Lemucchi Brand Ambassador
  • Kat Martinez
    Kat Martinez Admin Assistant & Compliance Manager
  • Gavin Harper
    Gavin Harper Brewmaster & Operations Manager
  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor Chief Financial Officer
  • Treasure Ingram
    Treasure Ingram Co-Owner & Office Manager
  • Mike Ingram
    Mike Ingram Co-Owner & President